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Seven Dimensions provides health and wellness services for a wide range of businesses, including corporations, educational institutions, sports leagues, medical & dental practices, and government agencies. The foundation of our programs is based around the total well-being and on-going health of every individual by offering a comprehensive blend of concierge-level service with scalable, end-to end solutions to help manage the ongoing needs of our clients.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness


Occupational Wellness is our personal satisfaction and enrichment derived from work. Using our skills to create meaningful work that is in line with our values, while we interact with our co-workers on a personal and professional level.


Social Wellness involves having a strong social network that give us support and guidance when we are stressed or need stress relief. Additionally, this involves creating and maintaining healthy relationships by talking, sharing interest, and actively participating in social events.


Financial Wellness means taking steps to live within our financial means and living in, and planning for, future financial health. We can do this by planning financially, creating a budget, and seeking advice from a financial advisor or reading material.


Intellectual Wellness means being open to new ideas, thinking critically, and seeking new challenges. It is also inclusive of emotional wellness – maintaining a positive approach to life, managing behaviors, recognizing and expressing feelings, controlling stress, and solving problems in constructive ways.


Spiritual Wellness is the process of understanding beliefs, values, and ethics that help guide our life: finding meaning in life events, demonstrating individual purpose & values through behaviors, being compassionate towards others, & appreciating beauty, nature, and life.


Physical Wellness involves moving our bodies, eating well balanced meals, sleeping, and managing stress; engaging in regular physical activity to enhance cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility: following healthy lifestyle habits, including personal safety, and focused on preventative health care.


Environmental Wellness means taking care of our global environment and our personal surroundings; being aware of the interactions between the environment, community, and ourselves; living a life accountable to environmental needs, both current and long-term thinking.

What We Offer Our Clients

Our leadership team and professional staff have more than 20 years of combined experience offering wellness and testing solutions.
Several benefits of working with us include:

Customized & Scalable Programs
Project Management Teams
Implementation & Execution Strategies
Workplace & Virtual Wellness Programs
Telehealth & Telemedicine Appointments
Employee Benefits & Insurance Solutions
Evidence-Based Wellbeing Solutions
Medical & Mental Health Professionals

Clients & Industries

Seven Dimensions provides proven strategies to manage controllable health risks, therefore reducing healthcare costs, improving employer productivity, and decreasing the demand for health care services. We work with a variety of businesses and public venues, to provide custom wellness programs that suit ongoing needs.

Small & Large Corporate Employers
Schools & Universities
Assisted Living, Long-term Care Facilities
Not For Profit Organizations
Conference Centers & Wedding Venues
Government Agencies
Sports Teams and Stadiums
Medical Facilities & Surgical Centers

Products & Services

In addition to our robust corporate wellness offerings, Seven Dimensions is a full-service provider offering a complete range of tests for diagnosis, screening or evaluation of diseases, and health conditions. Our robust marketplace offers COVID-19 testing, PPE, lab testing services, health & genetic sequence testing, wound care, PGX, and more. We work with major markets throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan — every product and service we offer is carefully researched and vetted for quality assurance.


Even as vaccines are widely available, new variants mean companies and public venues still need dependable, long-term solutions for COVID-19 testing. Appropriate safety measures that help prevent exposures in the workplace and at home, remain important in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 and the new  variants.


To satisfy the ongoing demand and continuous concerns for COVID testing, Seven Dimensions partners with CLIA certified laboratories and vendors throughout the country to offer the best in FDA/EUA testing options, timely results, and the highest percentages of accuracy. Our tests include molecular, antigen, antibody, and point-of-care services that allow targeted measures to be taken and to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Whether you need one-time testing or an ongoing program, we handle all logistics and provide the medical professionals needed for seamless testing.

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Return To Work

As companies transition employees back to the workplace, Seven Dimensions helps businesses reopen, stay open, and prosper during these challenging times.

Seven Dimensions aggregates services to help support the productive & safe environment of your workplace and to gain the confidence of your employees, knowing your commitment to workplace health and safety. Within a few days, we can implement a tailored-fit program whether you are looking for a one time solution or for long-term planning.

Executives & Staff

Anthony Orantes
Chairman of the Board

Anthony’s first job was with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and over the past 20 years, he has worked with cutting-edge companies that have revolutionized segments of the global, capital markets. His strengths include creating & leading exceptional multi-disciplinary organizations, defining & implementing focused business strategies, implementing & managing smart-sourcing, global resource models, and maintaining successful business relationships. His primary business takeaway is that doing the right thing leads to better business, which is why he was inspired to start Seven Dimensions.

Cliff Goldman

Cliff started his career in the Peace Corps, transitioned into financial services and, for over 40 years, he has been an executive in a wide variety of global organizations . His expertise is understanding highly-regulated markets and providing quality services that are timely, in demand, and compliant. Cliff utilizes his analytical skills to ensure that Seven Dimensions is as efficient as possible without sacrificing service to the customer. He also utilizes his communication skills to ensure that customers have clearly defined needs and that they get what they want, when they want it, with minimal risk.

John Hodge
Sales Executive

John has been in fitness and wellness for over 20 years. In addition to running fitness groups at multiple health clubs, John has started businesses that provide pre-and post-surgery conditioning for athletes, businessmen, stay at home mothers, and seniors. John is also an event producer, responsible for fundraising with organizations such as the NBA Wives Association and Dr Oz, which support under-served communities, children’s health, and the elderly. John’s vision is to promote fitness and wellness for every age group at every level of fitness, by preparing them to be mentally and physically strong with tools that help them healthily manage everyday stressors.

Juwan Jackson
Sales Director, Sports Solutions

A former all-conference athlete at Marist College, playing professionally in the Arena Football, recruiting football players in college sports, and coaching student-athletes. While playing football, Juwan learned the business of sports, and he also received a Bachelor’s in Communication and an MBA with a concentration in marketing. Juwan uses his education and experience to better the lives of athletes – from the professionals to the casual exercisers. Juwan is a member of American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) and the Black Coaches Association (BCA).

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Seven Dimensions Health donates 10% of its net profits to non-profits that support First Responders.
Please ask us for details about this program.

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Our programs and services are available nationwide, but we are proudly headquartered in Montclair, NJ. To learn more about Seven Dimensions Health, please send us a message and find out how we can help provide solutions for all your wellness and testing needs.

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